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Read what our clients and their families say about us.

"I would like to thank you all for all the care you gave me. I will miss all of you."
–Harriet, former Poplar Place resident

"Excellent care, good food, clean facility; needs are met!"
–Shirley Kruppe, Guardian

"The Brotoloc North staff goes above and beyond. We appreciate what you do."
–John Obernberger, Guardian's Significant Other

"We're very happy that the Brotoloc North staff took our son to the Christmas party at Weston Lanes. He had a real good time, especially eating snacks and drinking pop. One of the Brotoloc North staff even put our family pictures in frames to display in his room. We thought that was real nice."
–Ron and Jody Geier, Guardians

"I think your organization has made Dale's life happy and enjoyable! You have all had her best interests at heart. She can be a difficult person at times, but you have always treated her with love and respect. I appreciate the calls you make to inform me of problems and listening to my suggestions. The staff is concerned about her health and safety. Between everyone involved with Dale, she is cared for very well. Thank you for that!"
–Arlene Erickson, Guardian

"We were throwing a surprise party for my parent's eightieth birthdays and wanted all the grandchildren to be there. My nephew is in a Brotoloc North home and the manager, John Veith, personally took the time on a weekend to bring my nephew to his grandparents' party. To me that represented the lengths the staff will go to treat not only the clients with love and compassion, but their families as well. It meant the world to my family to have him as part of our joyous celebration. John made that happen.

The staff at the Brotoloc North home where my nephew lives, have always extended themselves to make it a pleasant experience, and they have done so consistently for years. One thing of utmost importance to me is the fact that staff at the Brotoloc North home where my nephew resides, has changed very little in the many years he's been there. For my nephew, who does not handle change well at all, it's a wonderful situation. Recently he appeared to have a minor seizure, but without staff being familiar with his actions that episode might have been missed. Staff made observations based on years of familiarity with his actions. So, speaking for both myself and my nephew, thank you to Brotoloc North for finding great staff and keeping them!"
–Brenda Felber, Guardian

From Our Referrers

Our clients may find Brotoloc North on their own, but most come as referrals from hospitals, clinics, and social services. Here are just a few reasons why so many refer us to others:

"I just wanted to take a minute and let you know how impressed I am with Stephanie Nolan. She has been an absolute pleasure to work with and an amazing advocate for her residents. Her no-nonsense, common sense approach to handling difficult situations is exactly what is needed for doing the kind of work that she does. As I said, I just had to take a minute to commend her leadership abilities."
–Julie Dilley, Social Services Coordinator for Community Health Partnership

"Thank you for the all the support you have given "the client". The changes you have made in his life have not gone unnoticed. We all truly appreciate everything you have done. It is such a positive thing how "the client" has a voice in the development of his service plans. How great!"
–Jenny Borchardt, Social Worker for Dunn County CSP

"Those involved in "the client's" program are very committed to working with her and doing whatever is necessary to ensure that she thrives. I don't have to worry about the care and services she receives because I know Brotoloc North is doing a great job. The Eau Claire program does a great job of keeping me updated on her progress."
– Tony Hudson, Social Worker for Western Wisconsin Cares