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Brotoloc North - Direction for a brighter future We help people overcome severe life challenges and find direction for a brighter future.

Gain independence while you learn to manage your disability.

Your care plan is customized to your needs and delivered by a professionally trained staff. Our team takes the time to get to know you and your challenges. Caring attention is provided by individuals you can trust. We work hard to help you feel good about yourself and your abilities. We encourage you to connect with those around you, provide you with personal choices in daily living, and support maximum participation by family, friends, and significant others. Learn more about us. }

We provide long-term or short-term care for adults with:

Chronic mental illness

Developmental disabilities

Traumatic brain injuries

Physical limitations


Terminal illness

Multiple diagnoses

Residential Program

Get your life back on track with support
24-hours a day when you live in one of
our residential group homes.

You may share a room or have your own room, fully furnished in a barrier-free environment. Not only do you receive assistance with daily living (preparing meals, managing meds, maintaining a job, etc.) but you also gain valuable friendships in a place where you feel like you truly belong.

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Hourly Support Services

Enjoy living independently in your own home with our support on a regular basis. We visit with you in your apartment, drop off your medications, and help you build skills so you can manage your life and live on your own. Services are tailored to fit your specific needs.

Learn more about our support services. }