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We help people navigate life challenges and find direction for a brighter future.

Receive support navigating your independence and learning to manage your disability.

Your care plan is customized to your needs and delivered by a professionally trained staff. Our team takes the time to get to know you and your challenges. Caring attention is provided by individuals you can trust. We work hard to help you feel good about yourself and your abilities. We encourage you to connect with those around you, provide you with personal choices in daily living, and support maximum participation by family, friends, and significant others. Learn more.

We provide long-term or short-term care for adults with:

  • Chronic Mental Illness
  • Developmental Disabilities
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Physical Limitations
  • Dementia/Alzheimers
  • Terminal Illness
  • Multiple Diagnoses

I have worked for Brotoloc for many years. At first, I was anxious about this type of work. When I purchased my home, it was located next to a Brotoloc group home. I met the staff and residents and applied for a job with the company. I continue to work for Brotoloc because they care about their residents and employees. As a neighbor and an employee, I cannot say enough about the care, dedication, and guidance provided to people who need help with daily living. Brotoloc gives them a home where they are safe, secure, and happy.

Kay Frank
Brotoloc Employee

Thank you for all the support you have given "the client." The changes you have made in his life have not gone unnoticed. We all truly appreciate everything you have done. It is such a positive thing that he has a voice in developing his service plans. How great!

Jenny Borchardt
Social Worker

Brotoloc has made Dale's life happy and enjoyable! I know the team has her best interests at heart. She can be difficult at times, but you have always treated her with love and respect. I appreciate the calls you make to inform me of problems and listening to my suggestions. The staff is concerned about her health and safety. Between everyone involved with Dale, she is cared for very well. Thank you for that!

Arlene Erickson

Those involved in "the client's" program are very committed to working with her and doing whatever is necessary to ensure that she thrives. I don't have to worry about the care and services she receives because I know Brotoloc is doing a great job. The Eau Claire program does a great job of keeping me updated on her progress.

Tony Hudson
Social Worker

I have seen positive changes within Brotoloc throughout the years and am excited for the future. From the beginning of my tenure, I have felt supported and well-trained on many topics -- I did not experience this while working for other companies. I enjoy the emphasis on the training, ensuring staff are successful and feel confident in their decisions. I also like that the programs work in a more cohesive unit and promote teamwork.

Jamie Miller
Brotoloc Employee

I have worked for Brotoloc for many years. I have also worked at other CBRFs, AFHs, nursing homes (ICF & SNF), and mental health facilities. I like working at Brotoloc because every day is different. There are good days and some bad days, but the good days always outdo the bad ones. Everyone from the COO, regional director, and office personnel to the direct care staff is great to work with and very caring. They care about the team, are there to answer questions, and help solve any discrepancies. The benefits are good, including great insurance, paid time off, and holiday pay. What can I say -- it's a nice place to work where you are treated like a person.

Barbara Jones
Brotoloc Employee

I have worked for Brotoloc for 10+ years and have had positive experiences with the company. When I started, I did not have much experience working with individuals with DD, MI, TBI, or AODA. Through the continuous training Brotoloc provides, I learned quickly and advanced to become a program manager. The director and managers are very supportive. I feel like I can go to any of them for advice on how to assist a resident or help with new programming. Working with the residents is my favorite part of my job. Helping them with their struggles and seeing them succeed in their goals is so rewarding. It always fills my heart when a resident meets their goals and can move back into the community successfully. I can't say enough about this company; it is a great place to work!

Heather Melton
Brotoloc Employee

We were throwing a surprise party for my parent's 80th birthdays and wanted all the grandchildren to be there. My nephew is in a Brotoloc home, and the manager personally took the time on a weekend to bring my nephew to his grandparents' party. To me that represented the lengths the staff will go to treat not only the clients with love and compassion but their families as well. It meant the world to my family to have him as part of our joyous celebration. The Brotoloc staff has always extended themselves to make it a pleasant experience, and they have done so consistently for years.

Brenda Felber

I have worked for Brotoloc since 2017 and fully intend to retire here. The company emphasizes the importance of treating all residents we serve with dignity and respect, mirrored in how Brotoloc treats those of us who care for their residents at home. From day one, I have felt valued and compensated personally and professionally, which is extremely rare to come by. Brotoloc recognizes potential and guides employees to grow and succeed, which I have been fortunate to experience first-hand. I will always recommend this company to those looking to work for a place that genuinely cares about its residents and the staff who care for them.  

Jaimie Schultz
Brotoloc Employee